The space feels inviting

The warmth within holds us as we enter

Still, Safe, & Serene


Our troubled souls take rest in this quieted space

The room encourages us to tell of our forgotten stories


With our wary and weary hearts we begin to speak

Our voices come

Sometimes slowly and guarded

Other times fastidiously protected


Once soothed our cadence steadies

From our words the threads of our lived experiences emerge

Our fears, our hopes, our loves, and our losses


These threads find grounding

They are known

Enveloped in empathy

And relieved of heaviness


When it is time for our threads to rest

They take up residence

Within the walls

Where their stories are absorbed in quiet confidence

And expressed authentically

With the perfectly imperfect weaving of our lives’ threads

For this is Our Spoken Tapestry

~Ara O'Hayre