Children & Family Play


As much as we hope for it to be, life is not a fairy tale!


Ok, I know you know this, and it’s worth saying because marriage and parenthood are hard!!


When we have children all of the issues that were unresolved in our own families of origin come center stage. We may argue with our partners about what we think our children are not receiving from the other. Secretly we may be distressed about our own ability to come through as the best parent we can be. We are sleep deprived, perhaps we’re financially stressed, and date night is a distant faint memory of the past.


To top it off our communication between ourselves and our children may be limited. A young child may not be old enough to describe their feelings through talk. Therefore, we have a difficult time ascertaining how our children really feel. Because we are not able to enter into their lived experience we worry for them.


If our child is an adolescent they may be individuating. Their job is to pull away from parents and become their own person. We end up feeling like an outsider in our child’s world. Again, we worry about their choices and hope they are safe.


While play may sound silly, I assure you it is an avenue to togetherness. Magically through family play we can:


  • Resolve differences in our parenting approaches.


  • Learn about our young child’s feelings and marvel in their innate ability to cope with challenges in their world.


  • Join our adolescents in their world, and become an insider.


I invite you on a playdate; to work towards a richer more bonded family experience.


Ara O’Hayre