Emerging and Young Adults

What an exciting time of life! Emerging and young adulthood is a time when we are learning about our truest selves and how to embrace the world as ourselves. There is so much to decide during this time. We must decide:


  • What talents we have, appreciate, and want to develop

  • What kind of intimate relationships we want to pursue

  • Our gender and sexual orientation

  • Coming into believing in our own thoughts rather than the thoughts others tell us to believe

  • What relationships we want to continue or discontinue with our families

  • How we want to explore and discover our world and all it has to offer


With all of this to decide emerging and young adulthood can feel like a daunting time. Maybe you feel alone, maybe you feel overlooked. Maybe you feel misunderstood by those that surround you. If you need to bend an ear, be heard, find a place where it is safe to explore and choose your direction join me in session. We can embrace the magic of this time in your life and help you to emerge as the adult you always envisioned you would be. 


Ara O’Hayre