Through one experience or another most of us have come to know fear. Maybe we fear abandonment, rejection, inadequacy, humiliation, embarrassment, or perhaps loneliness. There are many fears one might come to know. I wonder, what might you fear?


If you are able to get in touch with your fear you may also understand, when we are fearful we may find it is easier to cover up our fear rather than face it. Often times in order to cover our fear we learn to invite anxiety and depression in as visitors in our lives. Anxiety and depression usually tell us that if we worry enough or despair enough we will somehow be able to combat or control our fear. We become close friends with our anxiety and our depression. It works for us for a while. time moves on we discover….there is not enough worry or sadness we can possibly muster to master our growing fear.


This is when we may decide it’s time to come to therapy. We courageously meet anxiety and depression at the door. We ask them what it is they are trying to protect us from. By doing this we rediscover the fear that we hid. Then we do the tough work of approaching our fear. Through this work ultimately we learn to trust our own selves; to believe in our own selves.


Within each one of us there is an innate ability to overcome the challenges we have been presented with in this world. It is my job to respect this ability and join with you on your journey of overcoming challenge, of overcoming fear. Sometimes I join you as a passenger reflecting what it is you see on your journey, and other times I join you as a tour guide suggesting what might be worth seeing. Together we partner to disarm fear, indulge in a felt sense of liberation, and revel in what it feels like to boldly pursue your best lived experience.


Ara O’Hayre